Hi Mike!

This is an excellent piece! I have got a couple of questions with regards to Strawther as the piece focused more on his offensive ability.

1. What is his defense like? How is he on and offball.

2. What would his role be best fitted in NBA? Wing stopper, chaser or helper?

3. What is his switchability?

4. Can he rebound or provide some rim protection with his size?

5. There are rumors he is returning back to school. Do you think he will be inclined to do so?


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Apologies, I'm just now addressing this! These are very specific questions, and a lot in terms of skill level expected out of an incoming NBA player. There is definitely a possibility for him to go back to Gonzaga and get the USG that he likely earned there. In terms of defense, without getting into too many specifics, is "fine." He's not a stopper. He's not demonstratively bad. Teams would likely attack him defensively to test him, especially because he would be an incoming rookie. But, in terms of offensive skillset, I do like what I see foundationally speaking, especially in terms of development down the line.

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